About Us

REVERBOLOGY is a surf-punk inspired streetwear and lifestyle brand founded in New York City by husband and wife duo Harpreet & Clark Starace. It sits at the intersection of music, art, and culture and seeks to give an identity to a subculture. A brand for surf fans and skate punks, outsiders and trailblazers. Streetwear that drips with urban swag that could only be designed in New York City.

Our journey began when Clark was launching his surf-punk band, Wiped Out, in 2020. Strongly believing that art plays a huge role in the identity of any band, he sought out artists that embody the tongue-in-cheek, quirky nature of the surf genre. With artists from around the globe, Wiped Out took shape, releasing 4 EP's and a recognizable logo. Clark quickly developed a deep admiration and appreciation for unique artist styles, and is now featuring their work on REVERBOLOGY.

Seeing the growth of Clark's band, Wiped Out, and admiring the art accompanying each EP, Harpreet saw an opportunity to get creative herself. As a business professional, she sought to immerse herself in the community her husband was cultivating and contribute something unique to the space. Not only would she help create stylish and modern merch for the band, but also establish a new lifestyle brand for the community. A flag for all Surf fans to carry and rally behind, no matter who their favorite artist is. A simple, bold, message that shares your passion with the world, and REVERBOLOGY was born.