Luiz Berger

Meet Luiz Berger, designer of the REVERBOLOGY logo and the mad scientist EP artwork!

Name: Luiz Berger
Hometown: São Paulo, Brazil
Q: How did you become interested in being an artist and what were some of your early influences?
A: My mother is an illustrator, and she always encouraged me to draw. As a kid, I was always drawing or reading comics instead of paying attention in classes. I grew up reading all sorts of comics (some of them weren't really "age appropriate"). In my early teens, I spent most of my days reading Mad magazine, Brazilian and American underground comix, horror comics, metal hurlant etc, and watching horror movies, listening to psychobilly, surf, punk etc. Those things made me some kind of weird kid and influenced a lot in my work.
Q: How would you describe your style of art?
A: I'm not sure, maybe "lowbrow"? Or maybe "underground comix"? I never know what to answer when people ask me that question, lol.
Q: Why do you think your art lends itself so well to surf bands?
A: I think because my work has a vintage vibe, with heavy influences from 50s comics, kustom kulture, old horror flicks etc.
Q: What music are you into lately?
A: Surf! I mostly listen to music while working, and I love Takeshi Terauchi, Ventures, The Ghastly Ones and many others.
Q: Any cool new projects you're working on?
A: Yes! But it's kind of a secret right now, lol. I´ll be opening an online clothing shop soon, but I can't talk much about it.