About Wiped Out



Wiped Out is the reverb-drenched, hyperactive, balls-to-the-wall, Surf/Punk brainchild of lead guitarist (and occasional vocalist) Clark Starace. Backed by a wall of huge, pounding drums (tracked by producer Ethan Bill), and relentless, fuzzy bass, Starace pulls you into his world like a strong undertow. In a genre that is often retrospective and focused on tradition, Wiped Out is focused on pushing Surf music forward. Unafraid to experiment with new sounds, use modern recording techniques and embrace streaming platforms as it's primary form of releasing music, Wiped Out breathes new life into the genre in a way that's not been done since the "Third Wave" of Surf bands emerged in the 1990's.

As live music resumes in a post-pandemic world, Wiped Out is taking the NYC music scene by storm as a 3 piece combo. The power trio, filled out by a rotating cast of hired guns on drums and bass, deliver a powerful and energetic live show with the intensity of a classic punk band. In a city who's downtown music scene is still very much a bi-product of the 1970's punk explosion led by the Ramones, you're likely to see their reverb-soaked set alongside swaths of Garage, Punk, and Trash bands in all of Manhattans coolest downtown clubs.