Julian Weber

Meet Julian Weber, designer of the WIPED OUT logo and artwork for the bands first four EP's!

Name: Julian Weber
Hometown: Berlin, Germany
Q: How did you become interested in being an artist and what were some of your early influences?
A: As a kid I read every comic book i could get (started with what I call the German classics: Lucky Luke, Asterix and Tintin). In school, I was constantly drawing in my notebooks. It became my kind of communication over the years and also my hideout from reality. When I am talking to old classmates or teachers, they are always like "yeah, I always knew you would become an artist. Of course, what else?!“  But I never ever thought it could one day become my actual job, just because I didn't know its a thing.

By the age of 21, I went to Berlin to take drawing classes. Then I went for an internship at the animation studio Inkarnatoons. I bit down there to learn everything I can about drawing cartoons. 15 Years later and I am still living in Berlin, I studied animation at the Film University Babelsberg and wrote my diploma thesis about the typical Character Design from the 1950’s.

Q: How would you describe your style of art?
A: When I thought about a name for my website, I tried to narrow it down to one (or two) words and came up with www.retrocartoons.de. My additional claim, "Mid Century & Space Age Art &Animation“ sums it up pretty well. I would describe my style as a modern and authentic interpretation of the cartoon styles that were developed during the 1950s and 1960s. Recently, I do like to stir my cartoons up with Photographies and Graphic Design elements to extend that look and see where it takes me. Although, I use modern digital Technics like Photoshop, most important is to always give it a warm and handmade kinda look and feel. I draw my inspiration from old  cartoons and children books, also from architecture, design and fashion...basically everything that sparks the midcentury and space age joy.
Q: Why do you think your art lends itself so well to surf bands?
A: I think we drank from the same mug so to speak. My style has its roots in the same era Surf Music came up. The energy, the vibes and playfulness of surf music is something that I try to catch and display also in my illustrations. 
Q: What music are you into lately?
A: The Guitaraculas, The Future Shape of Sound, The Sonics, Die Ärzte, The Royal Hangmen, Hot Snakes, Jan Delay, Pascow, Aggrolites, Danger Dan, The Rhum Runners, just to name a few.
Q: Any cool new projects you're working on?
AThe first one is an Artwork for a Christmas-themed record by the Razorblades from Germany. Also, I can announce a new LP by the Krontjong Devils from Holland featuring my Illustrations. For the upcoming Record by the Green Reflectors from Canada, I was able to draw a bigger piece that will be featured on the inside of the gatefold cover.

Although these are all Bands that play Surf Music, my artwork is also featured at any kind of vintage Rock n Roll music such as sixties Garage bands, Rockabilly, Ska, Punk etc. I get in touch with a lot of different musicians and am lucky to discover new bands and projects through my work.